Ever Faithfully



I am become like an embryo; Him, bred

Inside of an almighty Godhead, the father;

The anointed one who was chosen, Holy:

Onto the mother Mary Virgin, and Joseph.


Like St. John the Baptist, the Holy Spirit

Righteously proclaimed by Zechariah and Simeon

The Messiah has come upon me, relentlessly;

Onto the breast, there children feed with mercy. 


Like those meek and humble, entering

The Kingdom of Heaven, art rendering 

The heart palpable, in ecstatic motions;

Onto the Spirit, where man is converted.


Holy: Christ offers the Apostles His Host

A gift, the one and only, given, bespoke

To all of you, truthfully, eternal, pure

And ever Faithfully. Amen.



The Musical Convert

The importance of music in contemplation:


There it is, the other world

Participated in by One Spirit

Holy Patris, sat upon the throne

Watching mere mortals atone.


Playing a tune, wishful

He catches us thinking

In our dreams, of eternity

Rebuking the abyss;

Abattoir of our Sins.


The Lord’s Spirit, it is

The rhythm of hope, melodic

Spellings of ethereal hymnody

Capture the beauty, in tones 

Of the heavenly realms.


Unclean Spirits flee

Covering their ears, shameful

The non-wicked persons Victory

Is Harmony, Christie eleison. 


Uprooted in consciousness

Flames rise, rid of blasphemies 

Untangled, new joys and celebrations

Rejoice, novices pursue the Lord’s welcome

The gates pierced open.  


Acquiring a soul for the journey 

Fit for the mansion of a Kingdom

Living stars upon the earth, sanctified

Filled with Sancto Spiritu

Given new life, renewed!


Sacrifice at The Abbey

A poem processed in my mind during Mass:


Crows soar in-between high-arched rooftops,

Graves lie steadfast below, upon the wet grass

Next to the withered stained-glass, through raindrops

Thick beside the church, outside the damp window,

Where the monks have gathered for Mass. 


Oh, be joyful, for the coming of Spring, for Christ

Whose sacrifice we willingly participate, expectation

For the celebration, forgiveness of Sins, all rise

Giving thanks to Him, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

He Blessed this church, with monks singing their hymns.


Lord have mercy on us, hallelujah,

The Kingdom of God is close at hand.

Brothers and sisters, we pray for you, ah,

Dear Benedictines, most Holy, you make 

known your worship across the land. 


Our roof is not worthy of the Messiah,

But at his command, are we truly healed

By His body and blood, bestow peace on us

Go forth into the community with life’s zeal,

Souls torn open by the beauty of Salvation.