The day begins before sunrise

The atmosphere replete with demise;

The cold scattered about the room

The morning awash with gloom.


The daybreak demands prayer-time

The sky brightens and the sun climbs;

The rays cast shadows over the moon

The morning desires to be rid of gloom.


The birds depart their nest, animals rise,

The air breathes life, the daytime inspires;

The bells hark glory, God is praised

The congregation alight, through Jesus Christ;

The stage, full of darkness and light

The gloom was but a passing fright. 


The Holy Spirit



As the soul soars high like a bird

As the bird is free to make heaven their home.


As home is the nest of family

As family is the bread of daily life.


As life is the temptation of good and evil

As evil is all that is left over down below.


As below the soul sinks like trodden soil

As soil came man when long ago

And as Spirit only can he hope to go.