The Way of Tao



The Tao is a way like many

Go steady and pay attention

The Tao is always ready

It wants to help the enemy

It wants to give bread and water

It is the soul that cares for poverty

Every Spirit suffering conflict.


The Tao is the kindness of man

The way of many

Preached by revelation of Trinity

Here to stay

No more enmity

No more victory

But awareness of Spirituality

Wisdom of goodness

Practiced, occupied, patiently

Understood by the eyes and ears

Hearts and minds

Bodies and Souls

Of an interconnected Globe

Universal and Old.


The Kingdom of Heaven

Where I most desire:


I come from the mountains

Beyond the roaring oceans


I graze upon the valley steams

Wandering, silently, aimless


Forever asking: ‘Where to next?’


Life’s blossom has moved on old,

Whence the sun shone before the cold


The word of man is become hollow

Everywhere strangers are walking the world.


Beloved land, where art thou?

I dream of you, without knowing you


Seeking a land of impregnated hope,

Coloured in green amidst grapes and chamaerops. 


Where do my friends hasten to?

Where are the dead ones risen?


The land that speaks to me,

Fresh and familiar, where art thou?  


The answer comes in a ghostly whisper:

‘Up there, where you are not.’ 


But I cry, ‘Where?’

‘Where there is forever happiness.’


The sky moves briskly, but

Gentle and pure is become the voice:


‘Behind the veil of Nature, 

Guarded by Angels,

The Kingdom of Heaven.’


Reaching for the Heavens



Swimming through the air

I stroke the particles

Reaching for the heavens.


Erupting the celestial sphere

Gravity grows, weaker and weaker

I venture there, mother nature

Rising to meet her.


Colliding with the universe

Scattering those wild claims

Of the scientist’s research

Knowledge of worlds, mere names.


Choke then in the furnace

Of polluted earth’s surfaces

Images and appearances, signs

Symbols, meaning I cannot find.


Empirical data revolutions

Please not nature’s magnificent bosom

Creatures tallied in horrid schism

Decapitated prey of atheist wisdom.   


I travel upon the horizon

Without a mind of limitation

Going where only she can know

Intelligence grows.


Touching her void, faithful

Consciousness unbounded, in full

Being of grace, revelation

Now I have become real,

Eternally grateful.  


Laus Deo