Night-time Weir



Why does my soul shiver?

Reaching out into the night smog

Sensing the terror of rain and fog

Feelings of sheer agony and fear.


But why do I always fear?

For beauty is nearby from here:

The river flowing, as weeping tears

Crying out across the cascading weir!





The day begins before sunrise

The atmosphere replete with demise;

The cold scattered about the room

The morning awash with gloom.


The daybreak demands prayer-time

The sky brightens and the sun climbs;

The rays cast shadows over the moon

The morning desires to be rid of gloom.


The birds depart their nest, animals rise,

The air breathes life, the daytime inspires;

The bells hark glory, God is praised

The congregation alight, through Jesus Christ;

The stage, full of darkness and light

The gloom was but a passing fright. 


Gay Heroes

A poem about two lovers in Ancient Greece:


Enter as one, go lovingly as two,

Embrace in awe the wisdom of Apollo,

Jolly is a love braced in golden halo.  


From east to west they danced,

Whirling the heavens upside-down,

A serenade coronating their humble crown;  

Sprang forth joy, warming the sun,

Their relationship glances at this pious sum,

For beauty and rhythm, describe the eternal one. 


Indeed, a movement of two as one,

Vanity gone, the tarnished other as foe

Two wanderlust and delightfully gay Heroes.    


Along musical notation they sung,

Swept away from the earthly life,

The spiritual gaiety of God’s loving drum.