The Angel of Agony



The Angel of Agony 

Kneeling alone in the garden shade, 

Bedewed with blood; drops fall to 

Thy bed of green earth, pleading with Him

For all tormented souls, the dying and the dead.


Until that Beatific Vision, 

Thou art blind; for even in Spirit 

Thy purgatory, which comes like fire, 

Is fire without its light, fight in desperation

The war to uphold His Wisdom. 


The Angel sweetly Caresses,

In her arms: carefully dipping thee

In the lake, without a sob, through the flood

Thy rapid passage take, sinking deep,

Deeper into the dim distance, whereupon

Yellow light flickers, 

Thee reawakened with forgiveness. 


From a Series on Purgatory

From a series on Purgatory: 


Drawings: Black charcoal (primary), pastel, and pencil (secondary) on A2 Paper (42.0 x 59.4cm).

The inspiration behind this series of charcoal on paper is to use the expressive medium as an outlet for emotional turmoil; figuratively, the torment of the soul as it passes through purgatory and awaits Judgement, wearing the burden of sins with fear.

There are ten art-works in the collection, the first three selected here:


Thomas, Jack: Purgatory 01, 2017


Thomas, Jack: Purgatory 02, 2017


Thomas, Jack: Purgatory 03, 2017


*I am inspired by art throughout the ages, but, in particular, modern art with religious motifs or strong thematic ideas. All art is For Sale, Original, Signed bottom-right, and at a negotiable price. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information HERE. Entire sketchbook journals in ‘Moleskine’ are also available for purchase. The drawing materials that I use are ‘Conté à Paris’ for pencil, pastel, chalk, charcoal, and ‘Winsor Newton’ for Inks. All paper is the finest ‘Daler Rowney’ for style and thickness appropriate to the medium.