Good Morning Creator



Good Morning Creator

Well-Spring of Life

You are my Master.


I grow in love for you

Your Word was made true

Compassionate, beloved, multiplied.


Good Day also to The Son

Loving Jesus, daily bread wholesome

The Body of my breast. 


Fed like the four-thousand

I offer your service returned

Today, make it something profound.


Of us, in service,

We pray.


One God Blessed us all



One God

Known to all of us

Knowledge of the truth

Made present, beautiful, urgent

In every single, unique individual. 


One God

For all persons

Omnipresent, magnificent

Made desirable, elegant, adorable

In each being, man or woman. 


One God

Forever willing

Goodness, beauty within

Made strong, worshipping him

In earnest, all of us Blessed. 



Noon Joy

A poem on the wonders of Midday prayer:


Self-righteousness like a sunbeam

Warm up my conscience, stream

Up on high, onward and upwards

Towards the sky. 


The path to Midday prayer

Songs of rejoice and praise

Today, and tomorrow, 

Forever in glee, I proclaim:


“Glory glory glory be

Lord God, unto the Holy See!”