Why I am a Mystic

A mystic is in love with God.


That is in whichever sense of Deity may be appropriate to him or her.

It is not merely an instinct or an emotional response. It is an infinite love.

Love is not purely emotional, it is abstract and transcendent and lasting; emotions come and go and instinct flickers.

But God is at the bottom, inside of us, underneath our being in the world, and therefore incredibly deep, without comparison or compromise. 

The Kingdom of Heaven

Where I most desire:


I come from the mountains

Beyond the roaring oceans


I graze upon the valley steams

Wandering, silently, aimless


Forever asking: ‘Where to next?’


Life’s blossom has moved on old,

Whence the sun shone before the cold


The word of man is become hollow

Everywhere strangers are walking the world.


Beloved land, where art thou?

I dream of you, without knowing you


Seeking a land of impregnated hope,

Coloured in green amidst grapes and chamaerops. 


Where do my friends hasten to?

Where are the dead ones risen?


The land that speaks to me,

Fresh and familiar, where art thou?  


The answer comes in a ghostly whisper:

‘Up there, where you are not.’ 


But I cry, ‘Where?’

‘Where there is forever happiness.’


The sky moves briskly, but

Gentle and pure is become the voice:


‘Behind the veil of Nature, 

Guarded by Angels,

The Kingdom of Heaven.’