Ever Faithfully



I am become like an embryo; Him, bred

Inside of an almighty Godhead, the father;

The anointed one who was chosen, Holy:

Onto the mother Mary Virgin, and Joseph.


Like St. John the Baptist, the Holy Spirit

Righteously proclaimed by Zechariah and Simeon

The Messiah has come upon me, relentlessly;

Onto the breast, there children feed with mercy. 


Like those meek and humble, entering

The Kingdom of Heaven, art rendering 

The heart palpable, in ecstatic motions;

Onto the Spirit, where man is converted.


Holy: Christ offers the Apostles His Host

A gift, the one and only, given, bespoke

To all of you, truthfully, eternal, pure

And ever Faithfully. Amen.


Mercy, Joy, and Loving Harmony

A poem inspired by William Blake:


To Mercy Joy and Loving Harmony

We pray in hearts wide open:

And to these virtues of Wisdom

We thank thee for all eternity. 


To Mercy Joy and Loving Harmony

We pray to our dear Father:

And Mercy Joy and Loving Harmony

Is Man gifted all eternity. 


For Mercy and Joy combine 

In Harmony of a loving face:

And thus, the human form divine,

In Peace, the human race.


Then all the nations chime

We pray in earthly agony,

And thus, the human form divine,

Mercy Joy and Loving Harmony.


And all must love continually

Mercy Joy and Loving Harmony,

Therein our Lord God dwelling,

Unconditional love is living.