Blessed if we Remain



Why do we leave blind?

Why do we leave love behind?


What do we expect to find?

A unicorn Divine? 


Why do we fight?

When love is right


We must be kind

Disclose our sight


Reveal what is seen

Not the enemy;

A cold heart

Never ripened


But a warm heart

God’s light;

From the eye

Within the temple


Love’s shrine

Beneath the chapel


Blessed is the reign

Home’s loving remains.



Why I am a Mystic

A mystic is in love with God.


That is in whichever sense of Deity may be appropriate to him or her.

It is not merely an instinct or an emotional response. It is an infinite love.

Love is not purely emotional, it is abstract and transcendent and lasting; emotions come and go and instinct flickers.

But God is at the bottom, inside of us, underneath our being in the world, and therefore incredibly deep, without comparison or compromise. 

Fists and Nostrils

My Fists are clenched


My nose is bled

My eyes are soar

My ears bent

My forehead wet

And my hair shred.

Snot fills my lungs

Eardrums sound like drums

My heart is wary

My head heavy

And my brain completely numbed.

The Spirit inside me

Demonic and deaf

To sense and wit

Love and drive

I dive deeper into a pit.

The Soul is furnished

Satanic and thick

Stench and detritus

Abound like lichen

I am a desiccated human.