Heaven & Earth



The earth is round, but heaven is rounder;

The earth is green, but heaven is greener;

The earth bears fruit, but heaven bears more;

The earth is full of light, but heaven is light;

The earth is thus like heaven, but alas not quite;

Heaven is an eternal and merciful delight. 



Where is the Light?

A poem pondering the faith of our forefathers:


Where is the light?

Where is the light?

Did God come, not to frighten us

But to shine a torch on Life?


Where are our forefathers?

Where are our forefathers?

In our memories, are they awakened

Saving legacy of love and gratitude?


Where are we now?

Where is Life?

Did we strife, the good old fight

To aggressively cast away the Light?

Poem on a Reflection of Beauty

The morning light was dark and my soul shivered when I woke. I spent the day reckoning with my own absence from life. I said not even a prayer.

Reaching out into the night smog, I sensed the terror of more rain and fog. The feelings of sheer agony and fear. But do not fear, I tell myself, as Beauty is always close to here:

Whereupon the senses can be set on fire, and tears wept, before I cry out with a new sense of Joy.


I tell of her naturalness;

Of the feeling gifted to her breasts,

Of the charming smile that dawns in the night, 

Of the morning tide, and her sweet neck,

A charming scent.


I tell of her elegance;

Of the fearlessness devoted to being,

Of the genius that wakes in her personality,

Of the physicality, and her countenance, 

A rhythmic beauty. 


I tell of her musicality;

Like a rainbow she spoke, excitably,

The many colours of the day in harmony,

Like a ray of sunshine, parting rain and cloud, 

A pasture sublime. 


I tell of her language;

Like the sound of robins, springtime,

The animals whisper and sweetly graze,

Like a child who sings lullabies,       

A tender voice.