For being Alive



I cry just for being alive

I cry just for feeling

The love of life

The joy of presence

The gift of infinity

Our eternal Deity.


The Kingdom of Heaven

Where I most desire:


I come from the mountains

Beyond the roaring oceans


I graze upon the valley steams

Wandering, silently, aimless


Forever asking: ‘Where to next?’


Life’s blossom has moved on old,

Whence the sun shone before the cold


The word of man is become hollow

Everywhere strangers are walking the world.


Beloved land, where art thou?

I dream of you, without knowing you


Seeking a land of impregnated hope,

Coloured in green amidst grapes and chamaerops. 


Where do my friends hasten to?

Where are the dead ones risen?


The land that speaks to me,

Fresh and familiar, where art thou?  


The answer comes in a ghostly whisper:

‘Up there, where you are not.’ 


But I cry, ‘Where?’

‘Where there is forever happiness.’


The sky moves briskly, but

Gentle and pure is become the voice:


‘Behind the veil of Nature, 

Guarded by Angels,

The Kingdom of Heaven.’


Faith and Hope

A calling for us not to become Pagans:


Renaissance beauty

Made to be jolly

That surrounds me.


Christian virtue

Made holy in values

Built into statues.


Heaven’s perspective

Made open and relevant

Propagated ideals.


Western civilisation

Made all to be hopeful

Calling the faithful.


Radical changes

Embraced in earnest

Inspiration of our greatest.


God’s people

Everywhere joyful

Never were they forgetful. 


Nations confused

Each of us nonplussed

Turn our backs on good.


Thus, Future generations

Take open your Gospels

Reach for the truth

The seal of peace.