Faith and Hope

A calling for us not to become Pagans:


Renaissance beauty

Made to be jolly

That surrounds me.


Christian virtue

Made holy in values

Built into statues.


Heaven’s perspective

Made open and relevant

Propagated ideals.


Western civilisation

Made all to be hopeful

Calling the faithful.


Radical changes

Embraced in earnest

Inspiration of our greatest.


God’s people

Everywhere joyful

Never were they forgetful. 


Nations confused

Each of us nonplussed

Turn our backs on good.


Thus, Future generations

Take open your Gospels

Reach for the truth

The seal of peace.


Crying out to the Lord



If you cry out unto the

Lord in times of War,

Then cry out now in fear

For your deathbed is near.


If you want to be seated on the Throne

Cast in gold, painted by Giotto;


If you want to be seated with Our Lady

Sat on her lap, like a baby;


If you want to be seated with the Father

In heaven, with His Son, our only Salvation;


Surrender, surrender to an avalanche

Of particles and dust

A tidal wave of blood;


Surrender to the sky

The weather good or awry

Clouds of eternal shape and size;


Surrender to your dreams

Catastrophic and all too real

Tarnished by a life of ideals;


Surrender then, surrender unto Him

Saving an appearance of the Almighty

Whose Kingdom is light and eternity. 


If you cry out unto the 

Lord in times like these,

Then cry out some more

For all your days will be Joy. 


We are Sinners



We are Sinners

Nothing but sin

Gravely we have sinned;


Mere mortals

Imbecile creatures 

Worthless, utterly useless;


We fell on our necks

With broken limbs, burnt

The sting on our tongues;


We are not of Spirit

Human beings, destitute

Hunting for prey;


Night and day disbanded

Starvation, hunger to be fed

There will be bloodshed;


So say a few prayers

Fast, be giving in praise

We are no longer slaves;


God has mercy

Acknowledgement of sin

Brings life for eternity;


Forgiven, because we are Sinners.