Poems on a Theme: Forbidden Love

Millais, Everett John Sir: Ophelia, 1851-1852  (Tate Britain) – painting reference. 


There is a heartache,

Where I wish you were,

A bullet-hole in my heart.

There is a sting,

Wanting to be together,

A sling for our freedom.

There is a pain,

Wherever you are not,

The sound of a gunshot.




Three months passed in silence;

When my love came to me unexpectedly:

A well of Spring rejoice;

Her lips felt like an ocean moist.

A wasteland of tropical thunder,

All our cries were put asunder. 


Three days passed in retreat;

When my love spoke finally of Deceit:

We are born without knowledge of such things;

As love can fly and spread its wings.

Without me go on and live life quietly;

Praying in silence to he who is Deity.  


Another three months came and went;

But my love had vanished on time bent:

In contemplation, spending night and day;

Where no passions dare grow wayward. 

Forever in memory will her promise remain;

Earthly desires forbidden immemorial.




Your gentle hands to wipe away my tears

I give you nothing but these.

It was in the name of happiness, Your paradise.

But deceived by love I was

Mockery set forth upon my soul.

But how I loved him;

My optimism,

My sweet light,

And my abomination.