Space Pig



I stepped inside

The space hole

into a tub of pig’s blood

Smeared in fumes of red

grotesque and demonic.

I swam for help

Flames erupted

Inside of my dream

An explosion took place

The tub of blood blew to smithereens.

The shards caught my skin

But bled not

I gathered there had been no mortal sin.

I watched for signs

a clue to my misery

But it was all a dream.

Because when I woke

The night was still

Cast in a stroke of blue

The fire

The blood

The bathtub in space

My fear of Sin

It had all been a deadly joke.


Spirit Breeze

The Spirit caught me as I walked beside the river:


As I sighed,

The water swelled around my breast.


As I dreamt,

The leaves blew crisp beneath my feet.


As I woke,

The heavens caught the breeze, and spoke:


‘Young man, take a few steps more,

The pastures of home are your bread,

Do not get swept unto the river bed,

Into your soul is where the water flows.’