The Eye Drops

Four white walls


Blurred, an eye

Upon a frame

With an eyelash

Dripping wet

The Eye Drops.

The firing squad

Thinly, stood and shot

Black like heresy

My eye turned


Abandoned by the recant.

The room slot

Blinded, the slit

Of an Eye Drop


The cell of my lot

Crept upon

Sacked and forgot.

The castle tower

Leaning, without support

Like a palace


By the Inquisition band


The history of mine

Like a farm

By the boy who ran off

Drunk, drugged


Like a carther

Eaten by God.

The four eyes

My fire, light, soul and water

Skewed open not broken

Spat upon

Flooded not drowned

Like a marshland of heretics

Burnt at the stake.

Finally a sigh

Revenge for my eye

The angel of


Lake pools

The Eye Drops.

Midnight Love



Midnight love,

Oh, love hath gone astray.

In the night,

We hath loved wildly.


Midnight love,

Oh, how love hath disobeyed.

In the frenzy,

We have turned crazy.


Midnight love,

Oh, fled away hath our love.

In the fleeing,

We hath thus seen clearly.


Midnight love,

Oh, how hath love turned to scorn.

In the delivering,

We hath trust none with understanding.


Midnight love,

Oh, if love have been delighted.

In the night of dark,

We hath instead rebuked our two hearts.


Midnight love,

Oh, love have been held captive.

In the receiving,

We hath seen our enemies pleasing.


Midnight love,

Great was the company:

Your heart and thy bosom,

Loaded with all worldly passions,

Rest at the feet of thy heavens;

Where beautiful it is still loving you,

Midnight love.