Ever Faithfully



I am become like an embryo; Him, bred

Inside of an almighty Godhead, the father;

The anointed one who was chosen, Holy:

Onto the mother Mary Virgin, and Joseph.


Like St. John the Baptist, the Holy Spirit

Righteously proclaimed by Zechariah and Simeon

The Messiah has come upon me, relentlessly;

Onto the breast, there children feed with mercy. 


Like those meek and humble, entering

The Kingdom of Heaven, art rendering 

The heart palpable, in ecstatic motions;

Onto the Spirit, where man is converted.


Holy: Christ offers the Apostles His Host

A gift, the one and only, given, bespoke

To all of you, truthfully, eternal, pure

And ever Faithfully. Amen.



Do you Believe in Divine Revelation?

Do you Believe?

In Divine Revelation?

It is theology

The science of God

Divine Revelation

Superior to the others

Forged by scholars

Do you Believe?

It shaped the world

Philosophers foretold

Divine Revelation

Faith seeking understanding

Is it everything to all things?

Or is it nothing at all?

Spirit Breeze

The Spirit caught me as I walked beside the river:


As I sighed,

The water swelled around my breast.


As I dreamt,

The leaves blew crisp beneath my feet.


As I woke,

The heavens caught the breeze, and spoke:


‘Young man, take a few steps more,

The pastures of home are your bread,

Do not get swept unto the river bed,

Into your soul is where the water flows.’