Where is the Light?

A poem pondering the faith of our forefathers:


Where is the light?

Where is the light?

Did God come, not to frighten us

But to shine a torch on Life?


Where are our forefathers?

Where are our forefathers?

In our memories, are they awakened

Saving legacy of love and gratitude?


Where are we now?

Where is Life?

Did we strife, the good old fight

To aggressively cast away the Light?


I Journey on My Way

A poem meditating on the Pilgrim’s Progress:


Alone with God, none but thee

I journey on my way

Safely in thy hand, more safe

Than if a herd of bulls around me stand.


Thou are so near, what need I fear?

Night or day, the Father is here

Heavenly Kingdom is my salvation.


Wherever I speak, life is there

Whatever I say, he is sense

My lips bloom like cherries

Wisdom carries me on merrily.


Filling my lungs for everyone

Despair flees from those in need

Whose hearts in love rejoice, the living Christ.


Traversing mountains and valleys,

Long and wild, steep and wet

Mary, fair Virgin, light and upright

Hold me on this Pilgrim journey.


Mercy, Joy, and Loving Harmony

A poem inspired by William Blake:


To Mercy Joy and Loving Harmony

We pray in hearts wide open:

And to these virtues of Wisdom

We thank thee for all eternity. 


To Mercy Joy and Loving Harmony

We pray to our dear Father:

And Mercy Joy and Loving Harmony

Is Man gifted all eternity. 


For Mercy and Joy combine 

In Harmony of a loving face:

And thus, the human form divine,

In Peace, the human race.


Then all the nations chime

We pray in earthly agony,

And thus, the human form divine,

Mercy Joy and Loving Harmony.


And all must love continually

Mercy Joy and Loving Harmony,

Therein our Lord God dwelling,

Unconditional love is living.