I Journey on My Way

A poem meditating on the Pilgrim’s Progress:


Alone with God, none but thee

I journey on my way

Safely in thy hand, more safe

Than if a herd of bulls around me stand.


Thou are so near, what need I fear?

Night or day, the Father is here

Heavenly Kingdom is my salvation.


Wherever I speak, life is there

Whatever I say, he is sense

My lips bloom like cherries

Wisdom carries me on merrily.


Filling my lungs for everyone

Despair flees from those in need

Whose hearts in love rejoice, the living Christ.


Traversing mountains and valleys,

Long and wild, steep and wet

Mary, fair Virgin, light and upright

Hold me on this Pilgrim journey.



Reflections on Christ

Three poems to celebrate his living and loving grace:



We are all part of His one Body;

Christ, and the Father Godhead. This is the

Bread of Life; the energy of all things.

Created once, broken, and shared for

all Eternity. It is the force that

sustains us; the gift of life; God’s gift to us. 



He is the sweetest touch of my life;

He is the most graceful presence

I have ever felt or knelt beside,

I have ever judged or loved,

That I can ever hope to experience;

He is the love of my life.



The Spirit blows up on high

Beyond those church wardens

Heart so vast and open as the sky

Where in steady breathe it returns

Whence came grace and our cries

Homebound, into the land of Zion

At the foot, there was the Cross

Of Christ crucified. 



The Messiah

Bologna, Vitale da: The Crucifixion (detail), 1335 (Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid) – painting reference. 


A river of water flowing. 

In the Holy land a man is baptised. 

In the desert a man cries, in the wilderness, 

The highway of God doth caress him.


The storm that passes before him,

And the mountains are straightened, the valleys exalted.


A prophet emerges,

The offering of righteousness; messenger of the Covenant. 

“God will be with us in the name of a Son, and a Virgin shall conceive.”


A darkness covers the earth,

A slaughter of the people occurs.

But the pitch of black doth harm the Gentiles not; 

And all survivors hath seen the light.  

Those who dwell in death have shone brightly. 


The shepherd in a green field keeps watch of his Lamb;

The sacrifice for our prince of peace, Everlasting Father.

The high angel approves the good tidings, for there is Joy.

A multitude of heavenly hosts, Paradise Herself singing:

“Rejoice”, pastures news and daughter, “A Virgin”.


Into Zion, she gathers unto her bosom, the young,

The heathen, and all they that labour, a new dawn;

Souls restored and restfulness adored.

The burden is light, and sin has been slain! Behold the Lamb of God!


Is he born then, spat on, shamed, laughed at, shaken,

But for he who delights in him, is delightedly awakened then!

Whence the Lamb, rebuked, rejected, despised, sorrowful, 

But for all the angels of God in worship, Him respectful,

And the charity of the preachers doth reach us;

Great was the company of the preachers!


The cliffs roar and the sand swells, 

But that the Lord God therein dwells; 

At the feet of those, preaching words unto the end of peace. 


Rise up doth the nations, enmity asunder;

Rulers against the Lord God Holy thunder.

The sea a wreck of devils cast ashore,

The lands a wretched pit of snakes, Demons more and more.  


They of Satan are held in derision;

For the Lord shall laugh them to scorn.

Mockery is cast forth unto enemies. 

And the Kingdom of this world is restored;

The Kingdom of Our Lord and of His Christ,

Never a mortal king, but King of Kings,

Our Lord Jesus Christ,



Death hath no sting,

For in heaven, there is Eternal Spring.

There is victory unto death, the Redeemer

Liveth in the strength of sin;

For sin is the law of death, and death be swallowed-up triumphantly. 


The throne is worthy of the Lord’s Kingdom,

For the Lamb that was slain, sitteth unto Him within.

Land of infinity, body, and blood, Glory,

And power be unto his blessings, and Honour for Eternity.

For us, not against us, forever and ever,