When the Magic Ceased to Exist

A poem on the mental state:


I find the outlook simple

All that I can see


Exists for me to see,

It is not clear how it came to be,

But we are indeed trained to see.


People wander and talk

Few talk of wonder


Many are miserable,

Or even horrible,

Living lives that are terrible. 


People share everything in common

But the mind they speak with


And the self they teach with,

Questioning many others, ardently

The definitive answer for right or wrong. 


We become a land of the thing

A vile obstruction toward nothing


Except the presentiment of our desires,

A vicious cycle of future predicament,

Taut like animals strumming a hopeless chord


We too hope victory to be our only accord. 


Gay Heroes

A poem about two lovers in Ancient Greece:


Enter as one, go lovingly as two,

Embrace in awe the wisdom of Apollo,

Jolly is a love braced in golden halo.  


From east to west they danced,

Whirling the heavens upside-down,

A serenade coronating their humble crown;  

Sprang forth joy, warming the sun,

Their relationship glances at this pious sum,

For beauty and rhythm, describe the eternal one. 


Indeed, a movement of two as one,

Vanity gone, the tarnished other as foe

Two wanderlust and delightfully gay Heroes.    


Along musical notation they sung,

Swept away from the earthly life,

The spiritual gaiety of God’s loving drum.


Where is the Light?

A poem pondering the faith of our forefathers:


Where is the light?

Where is the light?

Did God come, not to frighten us

But to shine a torch on Life?


Where are our forefathers?

Where are our forefathers?

In our memories, are they awakened

Saving legacy of love and gratitude?


Where are we now?

Where is Life?

Did we strife, the good old fight

To aggressively cast away the Light?