The Lord is Our Vessel



The Lord works mysterious wonders:

When we are tired, he brings strength

When we are hungry, he feeds us

When we are angry, he calms

When we are jealous, he forgives

When we are shallow, he is wise.


If the Lord is our vessel:

We are set free, without limitation;

When lost, we seek welcome shelter

When starved, providence provides

When lonely, loved

When restless, inspired.


The Lord is all of these things

and many more through Christ, 

the Son of Man.




The Resurrection of The Dead



By man came death

And the resurrection of the dead.

Death will destroy death

Peace restored to the dead. 


Given life through passing

There is nothing left to fear

Except, near are the dead departing

The Lord only to be feared. 


In a short while, trumpets sound

Incorruptible, the flesh abounds

Changed, and risen from the ground

Sent to the Father, whom we make proud. 


Jesus leads us by the hand

Through the Spirit, almighty

God, all three as one band;

Eternally grateful, we all cry

Upon entering into His heavenly land. 


Sacrifice at The Abbey

A poem processed in my mind during Mass:


Crows soar in-between high-arched rooftops,

Graves lie steadfast below, upon the wet grass

Next to the withered stained-glass, through raindrops

Thick beside the church, outside the damp window,

Where the monks have gathered for Mass. 


Oh, be joyful, for the coming of Spring, for Christ

Whose sacrifice we willingly participate, expectation

For the celebration, forgiveness of Sins, all rise

Giving thanks to Him, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

He Blessed this church, with monks singing their hymns.


Lord have mercy on us, hallelujah,

The Kingdom of God is close at hand.

Brothers and sisters, we pray for you, ah,

Dear Benedictines, most Holy, you make 

known your worship across the land. 


Our roof is not worthy of the Messiah,

But at his command, are we truly healed

By His body and blood, bestow peace on us

Go forth into the community with life’s zeal,

Souls torn open by the beauty of Salvation.