Heaven & Earth



The earth is round, but heaven is rounder;

The earth is green, but heaven is greener;

The earth bears fruit, but heaven bears more;

The earth is full of light, but heaven is light;

The earth is thus like heaven, but alas not quite;

Heaven is an eternal and merciful delight. 


Night-time Weir



Why does my soul shiver?

Reaching out into the night smog

Sensing the terror of rain and fog

Feelings of sheer agony and fear.


But why do I always fear?

For beauty is nearby from here:

The river flowing, as weeping tears

Crying out across the cascading weir!


Good Morning Creator



Good Morning Creator

Well-Spring of Life

You are my Master.


I grow in love for you

Your Word was made true

Compassionate, beloved, multiplied.


Good Day also to The Son

Loving Jesus, daily bread wholesome

The Body of my breast. 


Fed like the four-thousand

I offer your service returned

Today, make it something profound.


Of us, in service,

We pray.