Where is the Devil

Hiding in my Soul


Does the Devil know what I know?

Or does knowledge cease to exist

Wherever the Devil plants a fist.

There is a drug burst inside

Chewing at the blood-stream

Of my weak bosom.

Where energy resides

Captivated by Spirit

In decline



Being there does the Devil dwell

All-knowing of my distress

Disease cleaved unto my breast

Stomach churned like a beast.

The anxious spell is cast

Dipped in dirty fumes

The hot stew

Of a witch’s cauldron


Alive or



Our Daily Bread



We are all part of His one Body;

Christ, and the Father Godhead. This is the

Bread of Life; the energy of all things.

Created once, broken, and shared for

all Eternity. It is the force that

sustains us; the gift of life; God’s gift to all of us. 


Ever Faithfully



I am become like an embryo; Him, bred

Inside of an almighty Godhead, the father;

The anointed one who was chosen, Holy:

Onto the mother Mary Virgin, and Joseph.


Like St. John the Baptist, the Holy Spirit

Righteously proclaimed by Zechariah and Simeon

The Messiah has come upon me, relentlessly;

Onto the breast, there children feed with mercy. 


Like those meek and humble, entering

The Kingdom of Heaven, art rendering 

The heart palpable, in ecstatic motions;

Onto the Spirit, where man is converted.


Holy: Christ offers the Apostles His Host

A gift, the one and only, given, bespoke

To all of you, truthfully, eternal, pure

And ever Faithfully. Amen.