The Musical Convert

The importance of music in contemplation:


There it is, the other world

Participated in by One Spirit

Holy Patris, sat upon the throne

Watching mere mortals atone.


Playing a tune, wishful

He catches us thinking

In our dreams, of eternity

Rebuking the abyss;

Abattoir of our Sins.


The Lord’s Spirit, it is

The rhythm of hope, melodic

Spellings of ethereal hymnody

Capture the beauty, in tones 

Of the heavenly realms.


Unclean Spirits flee

Covering their ears, shameful

The non-wicked persons Victory

Is Harmony, Christie eleison. 


Uprooted in consciousness

Flames rise, rid of blasphemies 

Untangled, new joys and celebrations

Rejoice, novices pursue the Lord’s welcome

The gates pierced open.  


Acquiring a soul for the journey 

Fit for the mansion of a Kingdom

Living stars upon the earth, sanctified

Filled with Sancto Spiritu

Given new life, renewed!


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