Poem on a Reflection of Beauty

The morning light was dark and my soul shivered when I woke. I spent the day reckoning with my own absence from life. I said not even a prayer.

Reaching out into the night smog, I sensed the terror of more rain and fog. The feelings of sheer agony and fear. But do not fear, I tell myself, as Beauty is always close to here:

Whereupon the senses can be set on fire, and tears wept, before I cry out with a new sense of Joy.


I tell of her naturalness;

Of the feeling gifted to her breasts,

Of the charming smile that dawns in the night, 

Of the morning tide, and her sweet neck,

A charming scent.


I tell of her elegance;

Of the fearlessness devoted to being,

Of the genius that wakes in her personality,

Of the physicality, and her countenance, 

A rhythmic beauty. 


I tell of her musicality;

Like a rainbow she spoke, excitably,

The many colours of the day in harmony,

Like a ray of sunshine, parting rain and cloud, 

A pasture sublime. 


I tell of her language;

Like the sound of robins, springtime,

The animals whisper and sweetly graze,

Like a child who sings lullabies,       

A tender voice. 


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