Reaching for the Heavens



Swimming through the air

I stroke the particles

Reaching for the heavens.


Erupting the celestial sphere

Gravity grows, weaker and weaker

I venture there, mother nature

Rising to meet her.


Colliding with the universe

Scattering those wild claims

Of the scientist’s research

Knowledge of worlds, mere names.


Choke then in the furnace

Of polluted earth’s surfaces

Images and appearances, signs

Symbols, meaning I cannot find.


Empirical data revolutions

Please not nature’s magnificent bosom

Creatures tallied in horrid schism

Decapitated prey of atheist wisdom.   


I travel upon the horizon

Without a mind of limitation

Going where only she can know

Intelligence grows.


Touching her void, faithful

Consciousness unbounded, in full

Being of grace, revelation

Now I have become real,

Eternally grateful.  


Laus Deo

Hommage à Bernard Buffet

Hommage à Bernard Buffet:


Black Ink on A2 Paper (42.0 x 59.4cm).

I once viewed a Bernard Buffet painting on show at a private gallery. I don’t recall the name of the painting, but the expression of a lover’s hug was vivid, captured in striking black oils, giving an instantaneous angst-ridden edge to the pose. I have adopted the riddle here, but in ink and with more focus on the idea of love’s separation, which was a personal experience at the time, having recently abandoned the idea of lasting romance.


Thomas, Jack: Hommage à Bernard Buffet, 2017


*I am inspired by art throughout the ages, but, in particular, modern art with religious motifs or strong thematic ideas. All art is For Sale, Original, Signed bottom-right, and at a negotiable price. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information HERE. Entire sketchbook journals in ‘Moleskine’ are also available for purchase. The drawing materials that I use are ‘Conté à Paris’ for pencil, pastel, chalk, charcoal, and ‘Winsor Newton’ for Inks. All paper is the finest ‘Daler Rowney’ for style and thickness appropriate to the medium.


One God Blessed us all



One God

Known to all of us

Knowledge of the truth

Made present, beautiful, urgent

In every single, unique individual. 


One God

For all persons

Omnipresent, magnificent

Made desirable, elegant, adorable

In each being, man or woman. 


One God

Forever willing

Goodness, beauty within

Made strong, worshipping him

In earnest, all of us Blessed.